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(English follows Japanese)

Karuizawa Weekend Program

  • お申し込み後のキャンセルや日にち変更は不可となります。予定をご確認の上、お申し込みください。
  • 1日からお申し込み頂けます。
  • 複数日でお申し込み頂く場合は、下記のご希望のお申し込み日のページからお申し込みください(例:3日間お申し込み頂く場合は、3回フォームにご記入頂く形となります)
  • 同じ年齢枠のお子様がいらっしゃる場合は(4〜6歳児枠&7〜12歳児枠)同じページで3人までお申し込み頂けます。逆に年齢枠がご兄弟で違う場合は、同じページではお申し込み頂けません。ご注意ください。












Karuizawa Weekend Program

  • No cancellation or change of enrollment date is accepted. Please kindly check your schedule before signing up.
  • You can join 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.
  • If applying for more than 1 day, please sign up from a page of your preferred dates below. If signing up for 3 days, you’d need to fill out 3 forms. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation.
  • If you are signing up for children in the same age group (Age: 4 to 6 & Age: 7 to 12), you can sign up, up to 3 children in the same page. If your children are in the different age group, you cannot sign up in the same page.

If it’s in Japanese, please select English at the bottom of the page.


Please sign up from below:

(Age: 4to6)

For Sat, Sep 16th, please click here

For Sat, Oct 21st, please click here

For Sat, Nov 18th, please click here



For Sat, Oct 7th, please click here

For Sat, Nov 4th, please click here

For Sat, Nov 25th, please click here

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