Registration Process


Registration Procedure for Pre-School

The registration process is an easy process.

Please follow the steps below.

  • Step 1    Contact us / Book a School Tour
    * Virtual or Physical tours available.

Book a Tour
1) Roppongi School
2) Toranomon School
3) Karuizawa School

  • Step 2   Watch “Image of Child” & Read about the EtonHouse Curriculum

  • Step 3   Join a School Tour

  • Step 4   Fill out application form & Upload required documents
  • Step 5   Receive an email from the office
    *Normally, 2-3 working days.
  • Step 6  Review & Proceed the registration
    *7-10 working days. This may vary depending on the cases.
  • Step 7  Receive an invoice
    The school will send you an invoice via email.
  • Step 8  Make bank transfer
    *All bank charges would be borne by the remitter
    *If you are making a payment by an international bank transfer, please note that all the bank charges are borne by the remitter. (Please check with your bank to see how much remittance fees cost and add the amount to the total when transferring)
  • Step 9   Fill out Payment Completion Form
    Upon completing the bank transfer in full including all the necessary bank remittance fees and filling out the payment completion form, your child is automatically enrolled. (Please kindly note that there is no notification or email confirming the receipt of a payment from EtonHouse and that your registration will be automatically withdrawn if a payment is not received in full by a payment deadline indicated on an invoice) If your payment is delayed due to a company/embassy is making a payment for school fees, please kindly let us know via Email (
  • Step 10   Prepare to start the first date.
    Please see the sections below; “Preparation for entry” and “Class Visit”.


Supporting Documentation

In support of your application, please submit the mandatory documentation:

● Signed and dated Terms and Conditions form

● Child’s photograph (Facing front, Head to Shoulder)

● Copy of child’s immunization records

● Copy of child’s passport: *If your child doesn’t have one, you can take a photo of the Boshitecho (母子手帳) where you write your child’s name.

Copy of mother’s passport

● Copy of father’s passport

Health check report (a simple letter from a pediatrician stating that your child has no developmental issues within the social, physical and cognitive areas (within the last 4 months) (English Sample: Health Check Report)

● (If applicable) Tax Exemption Card (Front)

● (If applicable) Tax Exemption Card (Back)

Preparation for entry

EtonHouse will contact you to schedule a date and time for you to visit the school to:-

  • purchase a school uniform including safety headgear. This visit must be done before the starting date and we only accept cash for uniform payments. Please note that pre-nursery class children do not need to wear uniform. 
  • receive a security card for Roppongi School


Class Visit

The class teacher will contact you to schedule a class visit (Pre-Visit) prior to your child’s starting date. This is to enable you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the teachers and the school environment.

This page was last edited on January 9, 2024