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New EtonHouse Kindergarten offers innovative bilingual programme

EtonHouse will open a kindergarten in the premises of Hwa Chong International School. Offering the renowned EtonHouse Inquire Think Learn (ITL) curriculum, the kindergarten programme will be delivered entirely in Mandarin in the early years (Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1 and 2) and thereafter in a bilingual English and Mandarin environment in the Kindergarten years.

There will be an added emphasis on Chinese cultural experiences such as Chinese Art (painting, Calligraphy), Performance Art (music, dance, drama and songs), literature (stories, rhymes and poems) and festivities. The learning environment is created for children to experience the beautiful Chinese culture and tradition in a warm, home-like space, featuring unique art pieces, musical instruments and engaging and meaningful resources.

The programme will make reference to the EtonHouse learning goals as well as MOE’s ‘Nurturing Early Learners’ framework for the six areas of learning (Aesthetics & creative expression, discovery of the world, language & literacy, motor skills development, numeracy and social & emotional development) in the planning of children’s learning and development.

The programme offered is unique in its delivery and will lay a strong bilingual foundation in the early years developing competent and confident global learners who can effectively communicate in English and Mandarin.

Open House and Mid-Autumn Celebration
19 September 2015, 9 am – 1pm

Join us for a morning of mooncake making, lantern painting and tea appreciation.

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